Czech Law in European Regulatory Context

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Members of the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, have undertaken to analyze in seventeen chapters the influence of European legal regulatory framework on the development of Czech Law.

The articles in the first part focus on the conceptual perspectives and the historical backgrounds - Problems with Understanding of the European Law in New Member State (Filip Krepelka), Limits to the Principle of Supremacy of the EU Law over National Law (Vladimír Týc), Europeanization of law and the trend of legal globalisation in Czech law (Milos Vecera) and Czech Participation inFormation of the European Concepts of Integration (Karel Schelle / Renata Veselá / Ladislav Vojácek).

The second part covers topics of the Czech public law in the context of European regulation - Penal Principles of the Treaty of Lisbon in Comparison with the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe (Vladimír Kratochvíl), Discretionary power of public administration in the Czech Republic (Sona Skulová), Social Protection of Employees Employed by Work Agencies (Zdenka Gregorová), Effect of Asylum Acquis of the European Union on Asylum Procedure in the Czech Republic (Jana Jurníková) and Czech Legal Reflection of the Concept of Information Society (Radim Polcák).

The private law topics of the Europeanization of Czech law are dealt with in the third part - Concept of Contractual Obligations in the Proposal of the Draft Common Frame of Reference and the Proposal of the Czech Civil Code (Jan Hurdík/Jirí Handlar), European Consumer Acquis and the Czech Civil (Consumer) Law (Josef Fiala / Markéta Selucká), Tort Law in the European and Czech Context (Michal Vlasák), Changes in Czech rules of civil procedure concerning minors (Zdenka Králícková), (Euro)Economic Arguments in Law ( Josef Bejcek), European Directives and Appropriate Satisfaction in the Matters of Unfair Competition (Petr Hajn), Development of the Legal Regulation of Company's Capital (Jarmila Pokorná) and Trends and Issues of Foundation Law in Europe and in the Czech Republic (Katerina Ronovská).

The volume was edited by Jan Hurdík, Radim Polcák and Terezie Smejkalová. The issue of this monograph has been supported by the Research Project No. MSM0021622405 awarded by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

VIII, 273 pages. Munich (2009), ISBN: 978-3-939438-09-0.

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